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Free Stuff For Teachers

September 2, 2012

You know,

No one goes into education for the money.  And if anyone tells you otherwise, I’d say HOGWASH (yes, I just said hogwash).  The job is one which is both emotionally rewarding…and emotionally draining.  What other job has you doing 70+ hours of work each week, but only pays you for 40?  What other job allows 12 year old kids to tell you off?  And look at the debt-to-tuition ratio… If you are like me, and had to take out student loans to pay for undergraduate school, you know the importance of saving a buck or two.
“Oh, but you get summers off…”

Yeah, but did you realize that teachers do not get paid for those summer months?  Ok, so teachers don’t have to request time off for the major holidays…or nights…or weekends.


There are a few perks….

Sea World gives teachers a planning pass (free annual pass)

The Florida Aquarium gives teachers a planning pass (free admission)

Here is a website that offers some free stuff…


If you know of any other “FREE” things for teachers…in Orlando, Tampa…or all of Florida (heck, anywhere, for that matter)…toss them on here.



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  1. Kim Hoffman permalink

    I love your post and could not agree more! People think that we have the most “cushie” job with nights, weekends, and holidays off. What those critics don’t realize is that we take our work home most nights, weekends, and holidays just to try to get it finished and to not fall behind! AND, we don’t get paid for that time OR for our summers off. Regardless of some of the downfalls teachers face, I still would not trade my profession for the world. All of the hard work and dedication pay off when you get to see your students learn and grow and know that you were apart of that miracle 🙂

    I also want to thank you because I did not know that teachers get some of those free passes and admission! Are the Sea World passes for all Florida teachers or just for Orlando teachers?

    Thank you for your post!

    Kim Hoffman

    • With Sea World, all I had to bring was a copy of my valid teaching certificate and a recent pay stub. And I live in Tampa…so I would venture to say that the deal was for any Florida teacher? But I have never asked.

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