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On-Line Learning-My Thoughts

November 1, 2012


The reading this week was very interesting. Since I am a student in the UCF Educational Technology program with a focus on e-Learning, I found the chapter on Teaching Online to be very practical. I would like to eventually teach in a virtual setting. I know that the economy and unemployment are an issue these days and finding a job teaching virtual classes might be difficult to come by. The chart on page 293 (Figure 6-13) gave me an idea of just how many options for teaching online are out there. I thought I was limited by Florida Virtual School! Being a National Board Certified Teacher will certainly make me more marketable if I have to look out of state…and having this degree under my belt will add to my qualifications.

Dual enrollment is a topic that I also want to reflect upon. I understand the use of dual enrollment to acquire college credit ahead of time at a faster pace. However, in my district, schools (at least my school) are using dual enrollment as a credit recovery program. And with this use, I am not so sure that I agree with the justification. How can a student be placed in a 7th grade math class without having mastered the 6th grade skills? This is exactly what is happening. Students are placed in classes which content is being presented that scaffolds on last year!

Just my thoughts!


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