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Open To Suggestions! C’mon In!

November 9, 2012

So in preparation for our final project in EME5050, I would LOVE your feedback regarding my Wiki curriculum page.

The basis for my Wiki page is 6th grade Language Arts, with ELL students (non native English speakers).

Particular concerns that I would like to have addressed include:

  • Does the flow of my page work?
  • Does my Prezi example look like the product I am asking for?
  • Are the instructions clear?
  • Are my reference points appropriate?

Do you see any obvious issues or problems?

Feel free to be constructive.  I’m open to feedback that will help me improve my project page.




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  1. Hey Mike!

    I think the content of your wiki is spot on and I like the resources and links you provided. I think they are appropriate for 6th grade ELL students. I love that you incorporated a WebQuest into your unit, as well – WebQuests are engaging and interactive, which help keep the students’ attention. I also appreciate that you have gone ahead and added a simple rubric to your page – mine is just the resources so far!

    Your Prezi presentation was simple and to the point and clearly showed mastery of the adjective skills you were looking for. My only suggestion would be to add photos or artwork to the presentation. From my understanding, one of the elements of a digital story is usually some kind of graphic and I think having your students draw pictures or find pictures that represent the word or sentence would help them to remember it better. I’m not sure how difficult that would be on Prezi, but I think it would really add to your project! 🙂

    Great job, overall!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Great job with your wiki! I love the fun theme you chose and the resources/links you included. I have a few constructive thoughts (I’m cutting to the chase) but overall I really like your curriculum page and the angle you took with the assignment. My thoughts are to include the objective or learning goals for this assignment near the top of the curriculum page. By identifying that students aren’t just doing this because grammar is awesome, you might get them more engaged. You could also do this project in a cross-disciplinary means to spoon feed them the grammar less of a direct format. My only other thought is that Prezi can be a bit confusing for first time users so you might add a smaller, low-stakes, building piece to this assignment where they spend some time in Prezi as a build-up to their final assignment.

    Overall, great job on this!

  3. Mike, I enjoyed your presentation example. It was clear cut, concise and easy to use. Teaching the concept of good, better, best can sometimes be confusing, but you included some great examples. The one thing that would make it better for me – a visual learner – is to bold, highlight or color the word again in the actual sentence and maybe add audio for word pronunciation, for non-native English speakers. The background was great – especially when you used “high, higher, and highest.” Great job!

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